Thursday, January 5, 2017

We Walk into 2017

Mecca Bar, Fairbanks, Alaska
Some of you have asked, “Will Dean and Mindy still walk into bars in 2017?”

The answer is “Yup!” But we won’t be going to a different bar in a different state every week this year. It’s already been done.

We’ll continue to visit bars that seem interesting and talk to people we meet there, because we’ve found people in bars have interesting things to say. We have a number of friends who work in (and even own) bars, so we plan to spend January catching up with some of those friends and writing about those visits.

For the remainder of this year, we plan to have themes each month and to write about bars that fit those themes. For instance, we might take a month for dive bars, or a month for distilleries. We’re also considering a month of Applebee’s bars -- but first we’ll check with our cardiologist to see if we’re up for that level of excitement.

Meanwhile, we’ll will be working to write a book about our year of visiting churches and bars in every state. So if you don’t feel like talking to people at a bar, you can just go back into a corner booth and read a book about it.

We’d really appreciate if you read our book about it.

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