Saturday, July 8, 2017

We Talk about Walking into Bars

We walk into an icon and are unimpressed: Cheers, Boston
We’ve been talking about bars, Dean and I. Trying to figure out when to go, where to go. We’ve been to a couple places we’d be happy to think of as our own neighborhood bar, but we’re starting to run out of ideas for new and interesting bars (although we’ve got a month planned for visiting bars with friends; we haven’t got the timing for that worked out just yet).

So we need your help. If you’re in California, or you’ve been to California, maybe you can recommend something. Is there a dive where the beer’s in cans but the customers talk philosophy? A cocktail lounge where the Manhattans and gimlets haven’t changed since the sixties (and most of the customers are the same, too)? A neighborhood pub that functions as everybody’s living room?

Dean checks out a former bar in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
Tell us about it! We’d like to get out of Fresno now and again (especially while the temperature’s over 100F as often as not). Comment on this post, send an email to, or find us on Facebook (@deanandmindybar), Twitter (@dean_min_travel) or Instagram (@mldate). We can’t wait to hear from you.

In the meantime, we’re thinking fondly of a few places we visited last year:

The first time we heard a bartender credit a church with who he is today:

The time Dean made a bartender cringe:

Glengarry Inn, Michigan
The inexplicably popular post:

Harry's Chocolate Shop, West Lafayette, Indiana
And possibly the most disappointing bar, if only because of the name:
Sweetwater River, Wyoming

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