Monday, December 26, 2016

6 Old Observations about California

After visiting bars in all 50 states this year, we're back in California. We've lived most of our lives and in 2015, we visited all four corners of the Golden here are a few observations from that experience.

1. In the San Diego area, there's a classical station that's bilingual with a twist. Some of the ads and announcements are in Spanish, some in English. When we were there, we heard "Yellow Submarine" played in a baroque style.

2. California locks the ashtrays at their rest stops. Why?

3. The One Log House in northern California is probably fascinating, but we don't know for sure. We didn't want to pay the admission fee, but the gift shop is nice.

4. Mindy has had a love/hate relationship with Southern California since childhood.

6. The drive-in will never die. We hope!

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